5 comments on “Not My Husband But Still Controls Me

  1. You may need a restraining order after you tell him it’s over. Keep that in mind. Run like hell before he has legal claim to any of your property. NOTHING is worth your freedom or your life. You may think I am exaggerating, but, this kind of man lives in his own head, and what he might do when he feels vulnerable is UNPREDICTABLE. Hurry up and do it NOW.

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  2. what the HECK? You have not left yet?! Find another roomie and get down the road! This is insane unless you like being treated badly, in which case you can find nicer people to help you in that. Tell everyone that it just isn’t a good fit, that saves face for all, but you might also clue in a few closer ones as to the goings-on so they can help keep watch. Yeck! I know life is too short to include more limitations! Go, and don’t look back! Better life on your own terms than being held by someone else’s!~

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